BLW Goes Outside

One thing about Baby Led Weaning is it is messy. And we are still in the steamed vegetable phase. I can't even imagine what it will be like when I set a pile of spaghetti on his tray and let him go to town! So fun..... but so messy! When the weather is nice we eat dinner outside practically every night. It's one of my favorite things. But now it's definitely one of my favorite things because it means I don't have sweep and/or mop (depending on what we're having and if Beck is in a throwing mood or not) the floor after dinner! Also, this little high chair is all plastic with no padding and actually way easier to clean than his regular high chair. I know, I know, the bib shirt thing is a little ridiculous looking. But it works! It has long sleeves to protect his clothes, and it's a plasticy material that I can just run under some soapy water after dinner and let it dry. I'm tired of washing regular bibs just to have them come out stained. 

Discovery of the day: Beckett is crazy about raspberries! They are too little to feed himself so I spoon fed him little pieces and he was in heaven. 

And for your viewing pleasure.... a video of Beckett bouncing around like a maniac: