6 Month Summary

My oh my we have one big kid. He is in 12 month onsies and pajamas, and 6-9 month pants. I want to buy clothes for the future, especially when I see summer or fall clothes on sale, but I have no idea what size he will be in then so I can't really plan ahead.

Like I wrote the other night, Beckett and swaddling are over. It's been a little rough, but we're going on night three now and it seems to be getting better. I'm going to give it a week or two and if he is waking up more than twice, I may break down and get the dreaded Magic Murlin Sleep Suit or other dorky product. 

Beckett is eating solids and it is definitely apparent when it comes time to change his diaper. The recent smell that accompanies his dirty diapers is making me rethink beginning solids any earlier than necessary! It really has been so much fun though. He has gagged a few times, which is always a little scary, but he is doing really well. He's starting to get very serious about the food and frustrated when it doesn't make it into his mouth or he feels like he isn't getting enough. Beckett is very good at drinking from his sippy cup now and even a regular water bottle. If he sees me drinking out of a water bottle he usually reaches out because he wants some. No matter how slobbery he gets my bottle, I can't resist sharing.

He is still on reflux medicine.... ugh I'm so ready to be done with it! Every few weeks I try reducing it to one dose a day instead of two, or nothing at all, and he just spits up so much. It doesn't seem to bother him, but it is gross! His doctor said that as he gets bigger, but the dose stays the same, he is naturally weaning himself from it.

He is in between 3 and 4 naps a day. I think that over the next few weeks we will drop the evening cat nap all together and officially go to 3 naps. He usually takes one good 90 minute nap in the morning and the other two are around 45 minutes. 

I'm definitely staying away from soy and dairy still. I know some babies grow out of it, but I don't even dare to try. It breaks my heart to see him hurting and knowing it's my fault; I plan to just stay off of it until I'm done nursing.

Beckett is now an expert grabber. He grabs everything. His arms are basically in a constant stretch in hopes of getting something, anything, into his hands. He is great at hair and earring pulling. He can sit for about 60 seconds on his own before toppling over. His most recent trick is rolling from his back to his stomach. He seems to have forgotten how to roll from his stomach to back though.

Beckett and Murphy are starting to become very interested in each other. Beckett likes to pull Murphy's ears or any patch of hair he can get. Murphy gets very excited when Beckett is sitting on the floor and he likes to sit as close as he can without touching him. He sniffs Beckett but never licks or paws at him. Having a dog that likes to keep his distance from people is actually really nice with a baby.

Like always, every day is different, but this is basically what an average day looks like.

6:30 Wake up and eat
7:15-7:30 Drive to my school
7:30-7:45 Hang out at work with Mom till Shanda comes
7:45-8:00 Drive to Shanda's and maybe snooze in the car
8:15 Eat
9:30 Sleep
11:00 Eat
12:30 Sleep
2:00 Eat
3:30 Sleep in the car on the way to my school
4:00 Sleep in the car from the school to home
4:30 Eat
6:30 Nurse and then eat solids while we eat dinner
7:00 Bath
8:00 Eat and go to bed