This Kiddo is Awesome Because:

  • His eating schedule runs almost like clock work. Every 2 hours and 45 minutes and it only takes him 20-25 minutes to eat. We're working on staying awake right after eating during the day, so that at night he goes right back to bed when he is done. Thank you Baby Wise, so far so good. Hopefully in a few weeks we can start dropping one of the night time feedings, but I'm actually doing really well as far as sleep goes. 
  • He hangs onto my finger while he's eating. I know this is just a reflex, but it's still special. 
  • Mark is competing in some Highland Games today, so this is our first day alone. He's just an angel and has hardly made a peep. 
  • His mouth is in a constant "O" shape when he is awake and looking around. It's like he is just amazed by the world. I can't wait to take him for his first little walk around the neighborhood soon. 
  • He didn't even wake up when they pricked his heel for the last biliruben test. It's a good thing, I don't know that my heart could have taken the sad cries one more time. 


Stephie said...

I LOVE baby wise!!! My kiddo was sleeping through the night at 7 weeks!!! :) He is stinkin cute!!!