Chunky Monkey- 36 Weeks

I'm too chunky for my wedding ring these days. It now sits on my dresser mocking me. Going around without my wedding ring always feels weird, but especially when I'm pregnant. Oh the scandal...

I couldn't handle it anymore and I finally picked up my prescription to rid myself of this horrid heartburn. I'm all for drugs when it comes time to having the baby, but during my pregnancy I want to take as little medication as possible. There comes a point when your sleep deprivation takes over though and it just isn't worth it anymore.

I'm spending a couple of days with my parents, away from the wretched heat of the valley. We went to out to dinner, to the parade, the rodeo, and enjoyed some fireworks. I absolutely love the 24th in Kamas. Especially because it's cool enough that I'm actually wearing a jacket (even though I can't zip it up).

I now have doctor's appointments every week. This week she did an ultrasound which was fun because I haven't got to see the little guy since the 20 week ultrasound. The good news is he is still a boy, and his head is down! It explains that it's definitely his knees and feet in my ribs and constantly bulging out the right side only. I swear my stomach is going to be permanently lopsided when this ordeal is over. I think I've felt 5 kicks on the left this whole time, and my right side feels like I've been through a boxing match. I've gained about 25 pounds so far equaling 166 pounds! I would really like to stay under 170 (without giving up fettuccine alfredo), but I'm not sure that's going to happen. This might be too much info, but for those of you that will be pregnant in the future, I did decide to skip out on that whole 36 week exam and I don't feel one bit bad about it. My doctor doesn't really care if I skip it every week. Once I think I'm in labor, then I'll have them check and see. Until then, I'd like to avoid pain and maintain every last bit of decency and privacy while I can. It's all about to be thrown out the window in a few weeks.

I'm looking forward to my last baby shower this weekend. It's the last baby related thing on my calendar, besides August 18th where it says "Let's have a baby!" We all know the probability of that happening is very slim. I've had little things to look forward to all along the way, now it's kind of like I made it to the last step and after this there's nothing to do except wait.... and wait.... and wait.

Every paragraph in this post, and most of my others, begins with "I". "I" this "I" that "me, me, me". Sorry about that. I'm not the only that's tired of me being pregnant. I can't wait until my focus isn't on me anymore and every paragraph I write begins with "He".