Happy Fourth Anniversary

Holy cow four years! Many people say we are lucky to have been able to spend so much time together without having kids, but I feel like it would have been ok if we had a few more! We are still getting to know each other and I always feel like there is so many places I want to go and things I want to do! I'm really hoping that having a baby doesn't slow us down (after a few months of adjusting). I still want to hike, camp, and do all the things we love even if it will be a little more work to pack all that baby stuff around. Like I said before, I think it will be more work, but also a lot more fun to share those experiences with a little one!

I had the best surprise on our anniversary. We had planned to go get massages rather than getting gifts for each other. I didn't realize Mark had a secret up his sleeve because now I feel like a big dummy for not getting him anything besides a romantic dinner from Chick-Fil-A. He took the day off of work and with the help of his wonderful sisters he repainted all of our doors upstairs black, installed new door knobs, and painted our bedroom! Prior to this our bedroom was this horrendous red color that made me wake up feeling like I may murder someone that day, and at night with the lamps on it looked like a scene from a burlesque house on a trashy movie. Now it is a wonderful and calming bluish gray that makes me feel like I'm staying at a beach house. The darker doors give the house a completely different feel and it looks as awesome as I imagined it would. I will share some pictures soon! Everyone loves different types of presents or surprises, but for me this was 1000 times better than roses delivered to my work or reservations at a fancy restaurant. Love love love love love love love him.