I am waiting for Mark to come home from work and I've already accomplished running, cooking chicken pot pie, eating two pieces of chicken pot pie, feeling like I could eat a piece of cake because I went running, eating cake, feeling bad I at cake, laundry, and dishes. When I haven't taken any interesting pictures and I have nothing specific to write about, but I am in the mood to write then weird things come out. Ye be warned.

First let me tell about my house. I love it. I love waking up to a peaceful neighborhood, having a kitchen I can cook in while watching the sun set, a yard for my dogs to spend their days running around, the satisfaction of completing housey projects, hanging christmas lights, and knowing that this is where we will hopefully live for several years. We (and by "we" I mean "Mark") have painted one and a half rooms, tiled the bathroom, and I'm almost satisfied with how the kitchen and living room are decorated. Kitchen decor decisions are almost as difficult as choosing a health insurance plan. 

I am looking forward to this winter more than ever. Mark and I have season passes to Park City Mountain. I'm crossing my fingers for lots of snow and many powder days! Snowboarding to my heart's content was enough to put me in winter heaven, but on top of that we've just finished planning my dream winter vacation for our anniversary/valentines. This may be one of my favorite winters.

My photography schedule is slowing down a bit due to winter. I did however just finish editing a beautiful winter wedding at the Bountiful Temple. Click here to see the pictures. 

I was nauseated for much of the month of November from everyone's daily "thankful" posts. I'm thankful that Facebook trend is over and we are moving on the more exciting things like Christmas.

We took this picture Thanksgiving weekend at my parents' house. I love my husband.... even with his soon to be awfully scratchy Christmas beard.