• I definitely put a new silk shirt into the washing machine. Stupid stupid stupid. I don't normally buy anything fancy enough that it can't be machine washed. Silk can't get wet.... who knew?
  • We used our juicer for the first time. The apple/grape combo was great..... but then we tried adding grapefruit and the bitterness made me want to die. 
  • We had the inspection done on our future house today. We are going to have a few projects for sure, but there weren't any home eating termites or huge death traps so that was reassuring. 
  • Last week I worked thirteen hour days four days in a row. My ability to concentrate on anything or say a complete sentence without slurring my words was gone by Thursday.
  • School starts Wednesday!
  • I made my first batch of homemade peach ice cream tonight. I may have to wear stretchy pants to work tomorrow. 
  • Weekend yard sales with my Mom were a huge success. Hello basically new couch/fouton for $65.00. 
  • Pinterest has a whole new meaning now that I'm going to have a house to decorate, projects to do, and painting to be done. 
  • I can feel fall coming! Just bought my first mulled cider candle of the season. 
  • My Monday morning started with a wet mascara sneeze. I can tell this is going to be another long week. 


Sam Morgan said...

You guys are buying a house? That's awesome. I can't wait to see all of the pictures from projects you're doing.

I totally can tell your new header is from my favorite place in earth...Neskowin, am I right?