Eight Angle Pose

Summer is the season of many things. For me it is the season of yoga. 

Yoga relaxes, strengthens, and challenges me. I love pushing my body to the limit to see what I can do.  I wish the picture above was me doing the Eight Angle Pose and not this super toned and buff lady that I'm only jealous of a little bit. I can do all of the steps up until the last one. You don't master something like this by looking at pictures of it everyday though.

I love doing yoga in the morning when I'm home alone. By "home alone" I mean with my dog inching toward my yoga matt dying to chomp on the corner. Once school starts I have to wake up so early to complete my 45 minute drive and be there by 7:30 that the thought of physical activity before getting ready makes me want to barf. This is why yoga has turned into mainly a summer thing for me.