This Week's Thoughts

I don't use my phone to take pictures too often. I feel like if a picture is worth taking, I want to get out my actual camera. Thus my opposition to joining Instragram. But here are a few phone pictures taken recently + some random thoughts from the past week.  

I swore I would never dress up my dog. Recently I found myself wrestling Murphy to the ground and begging him to hold still so I could take a picture of him wearing a hat and scarf. Oh the shame. 

Have you tried these yet?! Dole Smoothie Shakers. It's like cheap 30 second Jamba to go. Perfect for driving to work, but make sure you use a straw. The cup isn't the most sipper friendly. 

Words can not describe what is happening here.

..... or here.

Honey Graham Oh's are possibly the greatest cereal the Cereal Gods ever blessed us with. Behold: Honey Graham Oh bars with peanut butter.

Each day when I get home from work I take Murphy on an hour long walk. I'm really starting to look forward to it. The neighborhoods around here are peaceful and my favorite trees are in bloom! And I don't have to look at a treadmill again until winter. 

We may or may not have had cinnamon rolls and sausage for dinner. And we may or may not have devoured all of it by ourselves.

Our newest pastime: Mancala. 


Katie Marie said...

Your dog is just the cutest!

Sam Morgan said...

This post contains such delicious food it has me drooling! Oh cinnamon rolls!