Notch Peak

We left right after work Friday and drove to Utah's west desert to go camping with my Dad and little brother, Alex. It's not as pretty as southern Utah or the mountains, but it was warm and so much fun to finally get out! The winter makes me feel so fat and cooped up! A camping trip and we just gained an extra hour of sunlight in the evenings... ka-ching!!! 

I promise Mark's crazy face + fingers around Murphy's neck does not mean he is strangling him. I may have been thinking about it though because I was out chasing a collarless dog all over Juniper land at 3:00 AM the night before. 

Sometimes I'm kind of grateful when my pea sized bladder wakes me up in time to watch the sun rise. 

Hello moose. 

Behold: Mark's love affair. She recently got a new rack (bow-chicka-ow-ow!), a 2 inch lift, new shocks, and new control arms (not sure what those are but I'm picturing octopus like arms as a back-up in case the tires go flat). The best part is... it was all free! 

You can tell how thrilled Alex is just by the look on his face. 

We look gooood after a night of sleeping in the back of the Jeep with a 75 lb. monster all up in our business. 

A sink hole.

His preferred method of transportation. 

Notch Peak is the second highest cliff in the United States. Needless to say, this is as far as we made it.

Just in case you forgot what my dog looked like.

My Dad's dream: sitting on the front porch shooting his gun. 

That is me. If you look hard you can see Murphy trying to figure out how to rock climb too. 

Murphy chasing a cheetah. Not kidding.
This was a dry lake bed that Mark and my Dad decided to drive across at 95 MPH. 

Muffin top neck? Gross.