Pioneer Hair

I was looking at pictures the other day and came across this:
 And this:
Holy sick what is my hair doing? 
Sometimes my hair looks like this though:

But that must be on really good days. Most of the time I look like a pioneer woman I bet. Not the Pioneer Woman. I don't care about her hair, but she's pretty much my idol. I'm talking Little House on the Prairie hair. And I don't even have a bonnet to hide under.

So the time has come. I've decided to cute it short. Not short short.... just short. It may be a week or two... but get ready hair, it's choppy choppy time.


megan said...

It'll be so fun!! I LOVE my newly chopped hair SO MUCH. I've never found myself petting my own head saying "I'm so happy I did this"....until like, a couple times last week. ha!

Happy Wife said...

:) I have a feeling it's gonna look amazing on you!!

Bon Bon said...

ooooh, choppy choppy time. it's getting serious! Can't wait to see it:-) xoxo

Faith said...

can't wait to see the new look! :)

kira said...

I'm feeling the same way. My hair is generally pretty flat and I'm just not sure it is very flattering, but I'm scared to cut it!