Goodbye Fall

This weekend I said goodbye to fall and welcomed winter with open arms.
I attended this wonderful event at my school Friday night: Our second annual silent auction. 
The power went out. No complaints here. We lit some candles and reminisced about how excited power outages were as kids. 
Did some fun photo sessions and edited these pictures. Click the picture to see the rest. 
I wore argyle tights to church. 
Then we dressed in our winter best and went exploring. Apparently our african dog loves the snow... and his hoodie. 


Faith said...

oh wow! you got a lot of snow!

i love the pictures! snow is so beautiful ... a pain in the arse but so beautiful!

Clayton And Leslee Family said...

Where did you get Murphs Hoodie? I need to get my Puppy one. He's about the size of Murph. How much was it? It's awesome!