Banana Feet

If you don't like looking at pictures of snow, you just might want to stop reading my blog until April or so. We can't get enough of it! Yesterday we went hiking in Neff's Canyon. Turns out we need some of these ice cleats if we're going to do much hiking around in the snow. I might as well had banana peels for shoes on the hike down. At one point I just squat back on my heels and had Mark drag me because I could not stay on my feet.

Today we are baking cinnamon bread and breaking out the Christmas decor! I know you're supposed to wait until after Thanksgiving, but we will be out of town the entire weekend and I just want to come home to Christmas! Last year we bought our tree before Thanksgiving. That tree had as much of a chance at surviving as a popsicle in the oven. It was dead before Christmas, we just go too excited! This year I doubt we can get a tree due to our vegetation eating dog.

Just two days of work next week and then we head to Moab for some hiking, 4 wheeling, and dutch oven turkey dinner. It's one of my favorite family traditions!


Claire said...

i LOVE snow!! so i for one will be looking forward to your pictures!:)

Happy Wife said...

SO wonderful!! You two always seem to know how to have a fun time!
My Christmas decorations are sitting in a box on my floor just waiting to be brought out and put up... maybe tomorrow while the Hubs is at work :)