Quarter of a Century

This guy is a sweetheart. But he's not going to be so happy when he sees a collage of his are-you-really-making-me-pose-for-pictures-faces. It's my birthday, and he's making it the best day ever. Several plans fell through thanks to a blown out knee, ding dong flower deliverers, and me ruining the dinner reservations. All those things don't matter though. We spent some time in the mountains today, we're going to dinner at Tuscany (yummy yummy oh my goodness I can't wait), and I'm getting a season pass to the Canyons. Whoo hoooo! There couldn't be a better birthday. Unless it snowed I guess. That would be pretty cool. 


Mandy and Brian said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it is a good one, but don't wish for snow just yet. Some of us don't have season passes... :(

Faith said...

Happy {Belated} Birthday!