Blog Barf

I sense some blog barf coming on.

Blog Barf = When one goes an extended period of time without writing on their blog and finally finds time. Rather than writing witty cute posts with pictures and organized information, one tends to blog barf. Please see example below.

Football season is starting my friends. The ever dreaded football season. I love my husband, and I love that he loves his own things, but football is not my thing. If someone were to make a giant list of things that are my thing and things that are Mark's thing, football would be in Mark's top 5 and number 185,492 on mine. If any men are reading this they are probably thinking, "oh what an unlucky man", but he knew what I was when he married me. At least I have Murphy to keep me company this fall.

Speaking of Murphy.... holy cow oh my gosh he is GROWING. I swear I come home from work each day and he's five pounds heavier than when I left. He keeps us active. On odd days we take him hiking or biking up Millcreek Canyon because you don't have to have a leash on those days. On even days we take him to the dog park to see his best friends. Except Lilly. I hate her. She's an 11 month old black lab that must have been trained to hunt with lions or something. She hurts Murphy all the time and never lets up. Her owner doesn't think she's too rough, but people are constantly pulling her away from their dogs for fear of their puppies loosing an ear. She takes all the fun out of it every time and we just end up leaving. What a skank.

My little sister is going to college. I can't believe it. She leaves in a few weeks for BYU-Idaho and I know she's going to have the time of her life. I swear if any Idaho boys don't treat her well I will drive up there and shove potatoes in their ears.

I love my blog and I miss it dearly. I asked to have it printed for my birthday. I would just die if something happened and it was lost in the internet black hole of doom. I want to start printing it once a year to add to my shelve of journals because I don't write much besides on my blog anymore. But then I started to want a new camera and lens more than anything, but that's a bit more pricey than printing a blog. I just keep seeing all this photography that looks so incredible because those photographers have better equipment than me, and they may be better photographers too I guess. I just know if I had some better stuff I could take better pictures and charge more, but I can't afford new stuff unless I charge more so I guess it's a trap. One day though....

I hate when I get in "want mode". I want a camera, I want a house, I want new dishes, I want I want I want. One way to get a fix and get out of want mode is to buy a few new items for the wardrobe and call it good. Oh, and to count your blessings for all the things you do have. But a new pair of shoes won't hurt the process.

Do you realize that winter is coming? WINTER!!! I know I confuse and disgust everyone with my love for winter. I have snowboards and ski lifts dancing in my head as I go to sleep at night. That's another thing to add to my want list: a season pass. If I have to eat ramen noodles for a year and sell my right arm I will find a way.


Faith said...

tell me about it ... i hate when i get in the mode of wanting things ...drives me batty ... and the fact that you called a dog a skank is one reason that i follow you! too hilarious!