Summer Confessions

  • I was laying by the pool and wondering if Murphy was ok sitting in the air conditioned apartment and watching All Dogs Go To Heaven by himself. My phone went off and for a split second I thought it might be him. 
  • Lately I hurry and hop in the shower, blow dry my hair, and put on a touch of mascara at 5:00 right before Mark gets home from work. He doesn't have to know that I hang out in my swimming suit and sweats all day.
  • Biggest pet peeve of my life: spending 2 hours fighting your way through the stinky isles at Walmart. Getting home and feeling relieved that you bought enough food so you don't have to return to that wretched place for another two weeks. Starting to cook dinner and discovering you forgot to buy one ingredient. GRRRRR...... This happened the other night, and I was so mad I returned home from the store with the one ingredient, and a giant box of donuts! 
  • I was taking the garbage out, with Murphy close behind me. I let the door swing close on it's own, and his paw got caught underneath it. I sat outside our door in a pile of garbage holding him and crying. He whimpered and held his foot off the ground for a good 5 minutes. Worst mom ever. 
  • I totally disagree with cars allowing pedestrians the right of way. It may be the only thing Vegas and I see eye to eye on. It takes a car .01 seconds to get out of the pedestrians way. It takes slow poke pedestrian a year to get across the road. Cars should have the right of way..... and don't even get me started on bikers. 


Anna said...

Poor Murph! I get so upset when I accidentally step on our cat. She's always underfoot. And it's her fault. But I still feel like the worst mom ever.

Claire said...

lol at the pedestrians! i know what you mean. IT'S A ROAD!!!!

kira said...

Dogs will totally milk it when they see you are upset after accidentally hurting them. My old Australian Shepherd and both of my current dogs have done this. If you get upset they will act way more hurt than they actually are. They get more pets and potentially a treat out of it :)

My old dog would even limp around until she thought you weren't looking and then she would walk normally.

samnhal said...

Poor puppy. I totally agree about cars, and I think bikers should have to act like a car instead of swerving in and out of traffic. They scare me. Can I come swim in your pool? That sounds so good right now. haaha

Jamie Lane said...

I HATE forgetting just one little ingredient. In fact, I think I cried over it once, haha sad but true! It's just so frusterating!

Happy Wife said...

Love this post. Can relate to everything except the dog... :(
And O-M-G!!! Seriously about the cars and peds... What the hey!
On a lighter note, Yay for swimming pools, swimsuits and sweats.

AllyM said...

hahahaha its totally necessary to lay out everyday. Tans are important in the summer. I love that you shower right before your husband comes home:)


AllyM said...

yes she is! i went to school in Idaho too, we lived together!! small world!