Murph and I went hiking up Millcreek Canyon. Lame that they charge, but I'm practically forced into buying an annual pass because it's one of the few places in Salt Lake you can take dogs hiking. Apparently we can't take dogs up Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon because they might poop and they aren't trained to use toilets like the deer, bears, and cows.

We've come to the conclusion that Murphy is mainly a Vizla (veeshla), which is a hungarian hunting dog. Can you tell? This was my view the entire hike..... I think we should have named him Sniffs.


Sunny & Star said...

It looks like a lovely place to hike and your dog is so pretty. It is unfair that they charge you to hike there though.

Claire said...

Wow you have to pay to hike? mad!
I bet murphy loved it though!