St. George Day 1

Friday we decided to go on a spur of the moment trip to St. George. One of Mark's good friends was getting married so we thought we would make a vacation of it! I love summer! Last night and tonight we are staying in a hotel. The next two days we will be mountain biking and camping! 

We lived in St. George for a year and it's so fun to come back and visit some of our favorite places. Number one being Orange Peel. Once I found out we were coming here, I knew we were definitely getting an Orange Peel and a Glacier. Why oh why can't I find my two favorite summer treats in Salt Lake? Maybe if I purchase several I can keep them in dry ice for the drive home and then stock up my freezer.... 

Oh and let me tell you, it is as hot as the devil's armpit here. I do not miss that one bit. 


samnhal said...

Weird question, but is that dark haired girl in the group named Kelsey? I'm pretty sure I went to high school with her.