Reasons I Love Living In Small Towns

I've always lived in small towns. When it was time to leave home and experience the world, I went to college in Rexburg, Idaho. Ha! There are more potato farms than people there.... and I absolutely loved it. The past while that Mark and I have been living in Salt Lake, I've forgotten about some of the things that are so wonderful about living in a small town.

-Mountains for a backyard instead of a sewage plant or jail. I'm not kidding, we've lived by both.
-Fresh air. I don't like running outside in the city because something about breathing pure exhaust makes me feel sick.
-Everyone waves when you pass them on the road weather you know each other or not. If someone waves at you from their car in the city, this means they are a creeper and you better run.
-The fridge at the gas station is for drinks and containers of worms for fishing. Kind of gross?
-Waking up to the smell of sage brush and the sound of cows and birds opposed to the sound of police sirens and your neighbors bumpin' bass.
-People ride their 4-wheelers to church. Can't beat that. 

Ahhhh I do not want to go back to Salt Lake. Although as much as I love my family, it will be nice to have our own place back. Especially because I'm already sick of trying to locate the correct outfit out of a box or suitcase each morning. The city life can be fun, but it isn't quite our thing. One day we will be able to move back to a small town! Our secret dream is to live in Neskowin, Oregon.


Happy Wife said...

Small town living is so much better! and though I've never been to Neskowin, I do love Oregon! {with it being my home and all} :) Hopefully you won't have to live the city life for too long.

Anna said...

Oh my gosh mike and I went to Rexburg when we were visiting Wyoming. We'd LOVE to be able to afford to move to Jackson Hole. We love small town life, too. Just something about the closeness of them.

samnhal said...

AHHH Neskowin Oregon is my favorite place in the entire world! No joke. My family used to go there all the time, and now we go like every other year. I practically grew up in Neskowin. It feels like my soul belongs there in one of those little beach houses. I love that you've been there. No one has ever heard of it.