Things That Are To Die For, And Things That Make Me Want To Die Part II

You can read Part I here.

Things That Make Me Want To Die

-Finding yourself on a sidewalk with only one other person, walking the same direction, right next to each other. Um.... hi?
-Reading about how to do all your grocery shopping with coupons. Giant coupon binder and 5 stores a day? No thank you.
-This non-stop rain.
-Week one of getting used to my bike seat. Youch!
-The fact that we are moving to Kamas in one week and have not even thought about beginning to think about packing.
-Paying to register my car.
-When people pronounce the T in "often". The T is silent friends.

Things That Are To Die For

-The $4.00 skirt I just found at the D.I.
-The first flip flop tan line of summer.
-Fruit dip made of greek yogurt mixed with cottage cheese. Yum.
-The rare occasion that I hide around the corner and scare Mark really good. His scared face cracks me up.
-The puppy pictures I keep looking at. I need one.


Mizdragonfly said...

I can't wait to get my puppy - waiting for the call from the breeder is killing me (and on top, I'm driving my husband crazy ;)

And I never understood the 'shop with coupons' strategy... unless you don't work and you don't have a life!


Clayton And Leslee Family said...

Oh the Puppy..... careful.... it's just another step closer to having kids :) ha ha first the mountain bikes.... then a puppy......then a house......then a kid.....Good Luck! Enjoy the bikes while you can when you get to the kid stage.....biking takes a back seat in life ha ha along with pretty much everything else.

Young People in Love said...

"ummm...hi?" Cracked me up! love it.

and puppy pictures are the best ever!!!

Kristen said...

My friend and I call them butt calluses. I feel your pain, ouch! Puppies are cute but theyre like having a permanent baby that will never learn to do things on its own! Haha

Anonymous said...

Coupons are actually a good thing. I use them all the time. I went grocery shopping the other night, the bill ended up being $324.96 and after the coupons I only paid $6.57. Its worth it. Especially when you have kids and not alot of money.

Kaelea said...

You need a puppy!!! I LOVE mine! She's adorable!

Kaycie said...

I don't know who told you about that kind of couponing! It's way easier than that :) I totally saved 74% the other night. Sure, it takes some time. Otherwise EVERYONE would do it. But I don't think it's as hard as you think.

Anonymous said...

O.K., I'm totally with you on most of this... but you need to look up "often" in a dictionary. Both pronunciations are considered correct...