Honey I'm Home!

Part one of our move is over. In two weeks we will pack up and move back to Salt Lake. Until then, my parents are nice enough to let us take over their basement!

Goodbye apartment. We will always remember your cool balcony and beautiful kitchen. We will not miss the noisy road and three flights of stairs.

This is our fifth move in two years. I don't know how we would do it all without our family's help! Pretty sure they are cursing us under their breath because we always end up living on the third floor. 

And Kamas welcomed us with two mornings in a row of SNOW! Too bad I packed up my boots and snowboarding coat! This is the view out my parent's front door. Ahhh I love living in the mountains. City life is not really our thing. 


Mizdragonfly said...

Hahaha love the pic with you in the box :)


samnhal said...

5 times in 2 years? Oh man, that's a lot of moving. I hate moving. I'm not looking forward to a whole lot of moving in July.

Lisa Maria said...

I hear you! Last year we moved four times. And this summer we'll probably move again... I'm glad you have your family to help, that makes such a big difference!

Claire said...

wow your view is amazing x

Bon Bon said...

Phew! Moving is definitely a process. We'll be moving in a few months too. Eeek! xoxo