I'm writing this odd post because I'm still at work, tired, and have writer's block.

I'm not going to workout today because I am working late.

I ate fatecinni alfato and a giant peanut butter cup because I knew I wasn't going to work out today.

I laughed so hard I cried because I have the funniest husband in the world.

I didn't do the dishes because I wanted to watch 24 instead.

I picked this not very cute outfit today because of it's very comfy comfiness.

I was super sassy with someone on the phone at work because they were super sassy first.

I had thoughts of getting a dog, sneaking it into our apartment for the next two months until we move, and not paying the pet deposit because I saw the most adorable squishy wishy cutsy wootsy cuddly wuddly puppy in the world today.

Excues, excuses, excuses....


Happy Wife said...

my life is full of them! :(
they're not all bad... right?

Mama Walker said...


Mizdragonfly said...

bah, I you laughed hard today, it should count as a workout ;)


samnhal said...

I want a puppy! Did you guys find a house if you're moving in 2 months, or do you just need to move?