Time To Laugh- From Lara

I didn't work out today so I counted the stairs I climbed at work, the stairs I climbed to get to my third floor apartment, and the laugh I had while reading this. I can definitely relate to this story. It comes from Lara over at this fun blog. The pictures of her and her hubby are super funny and we're from the same town!

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So recently we bought a new car. The night we test drove it Jake, my husband, picked me up at my school campus. I knew to look for a silver Subaru and that he'd pick me up where he dropped me off. Well... A silver car pulled up. I walked up to it, opened the door, put my butt on the seat, looked over at the driver and... IT WAS NOT JAKE! I have no idea who it was. The guy in the car just started to laugh. I was so embarrassed but tried so hard to act naturally about it! I said, "Oh, sorry... I thought you were my husband. You have an EXCELLENT evening!" I couldn't stop laughing. When Jake finally got there I had to tell him right away because I just found it so hilarious and embarrassing!
And another funny thing is, the car was so messy. I almost said something like, "Shouldn't he have cleaned it out before we test drove it?" before I realized it wasn't Jake, but luckily I did realize it was Jake before that happened. Things like this happen to me all the time.

It's me again. I have done this more than once! Usually to vacant parked cars and I think my remote is broken so I try to open it with the key. This triggers the alarm. Then I run. Haha thanks for sharing Lara!

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kira said...

That is super awkward, I would have felt so uncomfortable!

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Haha! Oh gosh, I've done that before. Jumped in and starting ranting and raving about something. Awkward silence. Gah! xoxo

Kimberlee said...

Laughing at this extra loud because just today the kids and I left Costco with a cart FULL of groceries. I opened the sliding door of the Toyota sienna parked where I swear on my life I parked our van. Unloaded the kids. They climbed into the van and I opened the hatch an started unloading groceries into the back of the car when Brynlee, my oldest, said mom, somebody stole my carseat. I ignored her (because mom's do that sometimes) and unloaded the rest of the groceries, returned the cart to the cart return, jumped in the driver seat and HOLY CRAP! it wasn't our van. I don't think I have ever unloaded kids and groceries so fast in my life. Turns out our van was one parking space over. :)

aki! said...

Once at work, I went to what I thought was my car. I first freaked out because the window was cracked open and when I saw the inside, it was filthy, dirty and messy. I thought that I left my window open and people were just throwing trash in my car. I opened the door (yeah, someone left it open!) and then realized it wasn't my car. Luckily, no one saw me.