Time To Laugh- From Anna

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I've been dying for a dog, but after this funny story I'm not so sure any more. I love Anna's writing style and her blog is so fun! Take a look here. Each month she does a post about what songs she's loving and it's always awesome to discover new music. If you would like to submit a funny/embarrassing story to be shared on The CP please e-mail it to me at jamielb_03@hotmail.com. We would love to hear from you! Now let's get on to the funny stuff!

My best friend/room-mate-at-the-time and I decided we needed to get a couple of dogs to add to our already crowded house of people (mistake number 1) so we invested in two [beautiful] border collie huskie mixes. Gosh we loved those dogs. But I'm not going to lie. They were a handful. (Actually, handful might be an understatement...) 

As faithful owners, said bestie and I took turns feeding them, getting up at 4 am to let the dogs out to pee and going out in the backyard to refresh their HUMONGOUS water trough. It was all fun and exciting for the first couple of days then it got not so fun and not so exciting to the point that we were rock-paper-scissoring it out to see who had to do the dirty work. One Sunday as we were leaving for church, we took [Jersey] Bella and Eddie (yes, we named our dogs after Twilight characters *hangs head in shame* we can call that mistake number 2) out into the backyard where they spent their afternoons playing and barking and digging ridiculously large holes that were pretty darn dangerous. And annoying. And actually, I don't even think holes is the right word for what they were. They were pits. Of doom. Yes, that's better. Bestie and I rarely took the time to fill in the Pits of Doom (mistake number 3) on account of our darling doggies would just dig them back up. 

Well, upon the realization that Jersey and Eddie needed fresh water, bestie traipsed across the backyard and began to fill it. Once the trough was full she staggered back across the yard (in a dress and heels mind you - mistake number 4) to put the trough in the shade so the water wouldn't get hot. As she was struggling under the weight of the trough and trying to [gently] kick our over zealous dogs out from underneath her feet, bestie tripped over one of the dogs and fell into one of the Pits of Doom the dogs had dug spilling the water as she went down. 
Oh what a muddy mess she was. Her hands were scrapped her knees were scrapped and although she was laughing she did let out a few choice words to express how she was really feeling inside. The best part is, she didn't even have time to change. The entire church block she was finding more mud splotches or scratches on herself which would send me into a renewed fit of giggles (I'm a superb friend). 

Even now as I write this, I can't help but laugh a little. But at least I'm laughing with her, right? 


Diana Smith said...

hahaha thats hilarious! I love how she went to church with still some mud stains and pointed them out, thats too funny! Great story!

Ashley said...

What a funny story! I love that my dog doesn't dig holes. She does plenty of other things to drive me crazy though.